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july 2014

3  rhine barges  Bonn , Delta and Koln  each 3000 ton  sold to France

July 2014

ex dutch pusher Volito back from GB as "Daisy Doardo" and sold to new Dutch owner.

july 2014

Dutch Push boat "AMAZONE"  for  France

transport ferry Rietbaan NL naar Litouwen

MMS marine services heeft in opdracht van GEMVO ltd. in maart 2014 het transport gecoordineerd van de ferry Rietbaan welk verkocht is naar Klaipeda in Litouwen. De belading vond plaats in IJmuiden waar de slb. Walrus II de Rietbaan i.o. van MMS vanaf Dordrecht heeft afgeleverd.

De transporteur, Oceans Netherlands Shipping & Logistics heeft vervolgens de Rietbaan met ss Frisian Ocean de Rietbaan in Klaipeda veilig afgeleverd.


New Projects : on South American waterways , to investors we can offer different barge transports for the products of , grains , iron-ore and containers . We work close with international and local contacts and shipyards.


The Dutch MMS marine group has start a partnership togheter with experts involved with the devalope of transports on Parana river and delivered already  2 big Rhine push-boats from 4500 hp , to the Latin American continent, to Uruquay \" river Plate \" and Paraquay \" Parana river \". The better economy on this continent give us the upertunity, togheter with local experts, to organise push-barge convoys as investment for the years ahead. Investors who are interested can contact us for more informations.

MMS delivered barge nr. 2 to bsr Van Uden Stevedoring Rotterdam

MMS  marine services  delivered to Bsr van Uden Stevedoring Rotterdam at 2013 and 2014  2 standard size bulk barges "Ulrike" and "Metafora 2" for land storage.  The total volume is approx 2900 m3  per barge. Those rhine riverbarges with the size of 76.5 x 11.40 x 4.00  will be for the last part of life, have a function as a store for drybulk, the location is Merwehaven Rotterdam.

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